Sprague Democratic Candidates — 2015

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We pledge to continue to deliver the services and financial stability of the past six years for the next two years.

We pledge to continue to find grant funding for Sprague’s infrastructure projects.

We pledge to continue to find cost savings by regionalizing, applying alternative energy

solutions, conservation, & employing business practices.

We pledge to continue to make enhancements to the quality of life in Sprague by continuing to improve the 8 roads that are left to be done, complete the Shetucket Village, the Grist Mill, and increase our open space portfolio.

Sprague has been making good progress under Democratic leadership.

Let’s continue moving our Town ahead.

Vote Democratic!

Our Candidates

Cathy Osten         First Selectman

Denise Dembinski    Second Selectman

Jen Synnett        Town Clerk

JoAnn Lynch        Town Treasurer

Mary Chartier        Tax Collector

Catherine Tiffany    Board of Finance

Joan Charron-Nagle   Board of Finance

Megin Sechen       Board of Education

David Giroux    Board of Education

Richard Waterman         Board of Assessment Appeals

William Lynch         Board of Assessment Appeals

Sandor Bitman        Planning & Zoning

Paid for by the Sprague Democratic Town Committee, Jeanette Deschamps, Treasurer